This site contains a variety of information about online education and online schools.

Currently Stride does not offer a public online school option in this state, however we do offer an online option through K12 Private Academy. Click here to learn more.

The Online Learning Approach

Many parents and educators are seeking alternatives to traditional classroom-based education that can help improve academic achievement. Demand for these alternatives is evident in the growing number of choices available to parents and students. For example, charter schools emerged in 1988 to provide an alternative to traditional schools. Online schools represent one approach to online learning that is gaining acceptance. According to the Center for Education Reform, as of January 2007 there were 173 virtual schools with total enrollment exceeding 92,000 students, operating in 18 states compared to just 86 online schools in 13 states with total enrollment of approximately 31,000 students in the 2004-2005 school year. Online schools offer a comprehensive curriculum and flexible delivery model.